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Like to play Happy Wheels? Than we have added this wonderfull game for you, You must try ride as good as you can, Try not to hit on the ground before you reach near finish, Enjoy with free and unlimited game

Happy Wheels Demo:

Happy Wheels Demo is an arcade game that has a creepy comical feel. Like Qwop games, you control the character by using different keyboard keys. These can be easily customized to suit your preferences. The aim of the game is to move through different levels as fast as possible as you complete a number of driven tasks.
With Happy Wheels , you can do almost everything, from driving a racing auto to toying around on a thoroughfare. Controls are quite simple, though you will need to complete a number of attempts to learn how to move your character in the precise manner you need him to. Whenever you knock an obstacle in the game, you will have to complete particular keyboard texts to continue playing the game.
Happy wheelers or player persons refer to the characters and the various game levels. The in game video focuses on the position of the heart; if the body is destroyed, the video will focus on the heart until the end of that particular level. At present, there are 9 characters available on 7 cars. Certain players create their own non-player characters.
Happy Wheels Demo is fairly gory, in an animation sort of way. For instance, your player is moved back to momentous times; a dinosaur feeds on an uncontrollable character, at least to some extent. The limbs are abandoned, covered in blood, so you are prompted to drive through. There are few details, although the game may not be suitable for young kids. Sometimes, the game chokes up, making it difficult for your character to move freely.
Happy Wheels Demo is a full math (and slightly gory) video game that will offer great fun to various players. The best thing about the game is that there is a great variety in the various levels. You can also change the keyboard controls. Happy Wheels is deal for dark humor lovers.

Effective Shopper:

Effective Shopper is what is known as rag doll physics-based online game. The objective of the game is to drive and cross the finish line by any means possible. The game is violent as players can be amputated, shot dead or flattened and crushed to death.
The game features a list of several characters that gamers can select from, one of which is effective shopper.This is a female character and the first female to be introduced to the game.
The effective shopper is a fat and obese woman whose clothes are torn. The olive green shirt and faded blue shorts are tattered, which leads one to presuppose that it is due to her obesity. She carries the required tools of her trade – a bottle which when broken will release a spray of soda, biscuits that explode when pressure is applied, 2 cans of “camp balls tomatoe slop”, a bag of sugar, a string of sausages, a baguette and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.Because of her obesity, this female character cannot jump out of her cart, but gamers can eject her which she does with a bounce. Reattaching her back onto the cart can be achieved by simply hitting the spacebar.

Irresponsible Dad:

For game enthusiasts, something new and great has been added to the Happy Wheels game. I am talking about Irresponsible Dad, a new character that has brought life in the game making it even more exciting than it already is. However, who is this new character?
As you can deduce from the name, this irresponsible father could care less about the safety of his son. He allows him to tread dangerously in the adventure of the Happy Wheels. Irresponsible Dad is the only multi Playable character that has been added to the original version of the game.
It has already revolutionized the playing of Happy Wheels as player can enjoy controls that are more exciting. He dresses in new urban style black sneakers, white socks, Khaki shorts, black belt, turquoise shirt and an exciting white helmet. It goes without question that this new character has made Happy Wheels a game everyone is dying to play. You too will enjoy it.

Segway Guy:

Segway Guy is one of the main characters in Happy wheels captivating game, This is one of the latest animation game that has managed to grasp the attention of many animation game lovers.
In this game, this character uses a metallic silver, segway that is spring loaded. He has the capacity to jump in the air as the game progresses. It is important to note that the segway pole is always pointing upwards but it cannot be rotated. More often than not, if dies if he tries to do 360 hoop levels since the pole cannot be rotated.
It is very easy to notice him since his attire comprises of a white bicycle helmet, black shoes and a grey business suit. Segway guy acts as a forced character in most levels in which the player has to eject ragdolls or balls. Since the segway is quite easy to hold, it is very easy for him to escape by crawling out of his vehicle.
Happy Wheels Segway Guy is definitely a game you should take part in during your leisure time.

Wheelchair Guy:

In the happy wheels application, most people would have to agree that the most interesting chapter is the wheelchair guy. The best thing about this chapter is that you get to choose an unfortunate rider to control. You will be racing form the green hills up to the BMX play ground.
The chapter is very fascinating and challenging and thus it attracts more players especially those who like a challenge. Navigating the wheel chair guy is quite challenging and you will have to play the game several times in order to get used to the keys. The more you play the game the better chances you have of getting to the next level.
Just by going through the reviews given by some of the players, you can tell that the chapter is very challenging and fun. It can get you hooked up to the game as you will always want to play until you get to the next chapter.